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Mobile Apps Soaring in Popularity

Mobile apps are hot. In fact, they are so well liked they have surpassed websites in popularity. Bluestone Apps explains that one of the reasons mobile apps are so sought after is ease of use.

With billions of smartphones and other types of mobile devices around the world it’s safe to say that applications are good for brand building. Because you have billions of people you have billions of reasons to get an app built.

Massive Brand Exposure

If you follow the Bluestone blog you will know that mobile apps have the advantage of constant brand exposure. This is because the app logo is always on the home screen of the mobile device.

Although you can bookmark mobile responsive websites on your browser they are easy to miss. This is just another reason to consider getting an app built with Bluestone.

Offline and Online Access

One of the biggest advantages of apps is the ability to access information both on and offline. Because applications live on the home screen they are accessible by just tapping the logo.

In addition, information and data is stored inside the application. That means users can load what is needed without being on the internet.

Mobile Apps Technical Advantages

If you get bombarded by email, like millions of other people on the net, you know how annoying it can be.

When you get an app built you can notify clients and customers with push notifications instead of texts or emails. Less intrusive mobile app push notifications have excellent engagement and open rates.

Mobile apps are much faster than websites and can access the information and data quickly because it is stored in the application as well. Responsive websites run through a browser making information retrieval slower and more tedious.

Mobile apps are more popular than responsive websites because the application is literally right there. A good custom made app from Bluestone is seamless, quick and most importantly easy on the eyes.

Mobile Apps are Great Teachers

People love apps because you can learn just about anything on one and best of all you don’t need your PC to do it.

For instance you can learn to play the guitar on the bus or start dinner with a smart connected Crockpot app. It’s amazing what people and brands are creating when it comes to getting an app built.

With a good mobile app everything is in one place offering users personalized assistance. Instead of searching for photos or wondering what day it is you just tap an icon on your phone and there is your answer.

Custom Made Mobile Apps

Bluestone Apps and its sister company have been designing software and websites since 1996 so it is only natural that mobile apps came next in 2011.

Since 2011 Bluestone has custom designed and developed more than 300 mobile apps. These apps are designed to make life easier for everyone.

Bluestone can design any app you like whether you are considering a utility app or have an entertainment application in mind.

Whatever your dream this mobile app agency can make it a reality. Call or send a direct message and have a chat with a team member from Bluestone Apps today.

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