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A Mobile App Can Change Lives Will Yours?

A mobile app can change a persons life. A good application can even take your temperature and help you find the best restaurant in your area.

With that being said there are literally thousands of applications available from both stores, so how do you know if your new, “Best app in the world,” is going to be successful?

According to Bluestone Apps, putting in the time and research for your new mobile app idea is the best way to determine if you are going to create the most popular application or end up wasting your money.

How to Develop a Good Mobile App

The Idea

If you follow the Bluestone Apps Blog, you will remember that all successful applications start with a brilliant idea. Once you have come up with a great idea, it is time to start researching.

Go to both app stores and look for your application idea. If the market is flooded, but you still think you can make a go of it, check out the competition to find out which ones work and which ones don’t.

Native Apps

There are three types of mobile apps, Native, Web, and Hybrid. Talk to Bluestone Apps about each type so that you can decide which one is best for you and your business. Keep in mind that Native apps give awesome user experience but take more time to design and develop.

Web Applications

Web apps are relatively inexpensive and have the ability to run on several platforms. Developed using JavaScript code, CSS, and HTML5 web apps don’t have as much power as native apps.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

The latest mobile apps are usually hybrid as the combine coding and prebuilt native containers so you and your business will get the best of both.

Hybrid apps allow Bluestone to augment code with native language in order to create access native API’s and native language, as API’s are not available via JavaScript just yet.

Simple Features

Your applications features are what define you and your brand. Simple is best. If you want bells and whistles, you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

Too many mobile app features can cause slow loading and other issues that users will not put up with. If your mobile app takes longer than 5 seconds to load, your potential users will go elsewhere.

Platforms and Devices

Choosing your hardware performance, battery life, peripherals, and ruggedness is vital before you select your mobile platforms and devices. You will also want to consider coverage, performance device support, and additional features.

Don’t forget the app market is on fire. The planning stages are essential if you want your application to be successful.

Design and Mobile App Development

The success of your application really depends on your design and development.

Bluestone Apps has been in the design and development game since 2011. The team understands how to design and develop your new mobile app.

Get the Best Results with Bluestone

If you would like to learn more about mobile applications, call or send a message to Bluestone. The team is ready and able to make your dreams a reality.

Call and schedule a no obligation consultation today.

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