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Consulting, Marketing, & Retainer Pricing


Our consulting rates range from $150-$750, depending on the specialist team needed.


Our marketing rates and recommended ad spend (ad spend not included in budget, client is responsible for all ad spend) are custom quoted based on goals, methods employed, targeting, content needs, and whether or not community management and reporting is involved.

Our starting budget is $4,995 per month with a recommended ad spend of $2,000 per month.

Our average budget is $10k+ with a minimum ad spend of approximately $5k.

We are equipped to handle marketing budgets of $100k+ per month included advanced marketing automation and marketing integrations.


Our retainer pricing is based on the team that is needed.

For basic website, PWA, mobile app, software, IoT, integrations, and marketing retainer, we start at $150/hour for junior team members, $250/hour for mid team members. All projects with retainer require a minimum of one mid-level lead developer and one mid-level system administrator, along with a minimum of one junior project manager.

For advanced projects, our senior staff is billed at $500/hour. Some projects may require a minimum of a senior project manager, senior developer, senior system admin, and the owner of the company.

All retainer projects are billed in 15-minute increments.

Payment for hours are due based on the negotiated terms on a case-by-case basis.

All retainer projects include a Basecamp project and a Trello board.

Individual requests, tasks, and fixes use a Kanban-board style setup on Trello. Hours are tracked to the individual cards along the way until an issue's card has final approval, at which time it will be archived and final hours reported for that issue. After finalization and archival of an issue card, new issues related to that card must be created as new issue cards.

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