Progressive Web Apps


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are websites that can appear to the user as a traditional app. PWAs combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of a mobile experience.

Progressive Web

PWA Development

Progressive Web Apps split the difference between mobile and web applications, offering a native mobile platform feel with many of the benefits of a web app - including a faster development period and zero space commitments for users. Bluestone has experience providing PWA Development Services for a number of use cases, including, e-commerce, social media, gaming apps, and even more!

Progressive Web

Not Quite A Mobile App

One of the most attractive features of PWA's is their ability to be added as home screen icons alongside native mobile apps, further blurring the line between the two technologies. Our UI/UX designers will create an on-brand icon for your PWA and ensure the quickest possible load time upon clicking. Like many mobile apps, PWA's can still offer much of its functionality offline.

Progressive Web
Progressive Web

Native-Feeling Push Notifications

Thanks to service workers - app-independent JavaScript files - we are able to program PWAs with push notification functionality. Even when users do not have the PWA open in a browser, they can receive regularly scheduled or manual notifications that look and behave just like a mobile app push. And because of the inherit nature of PWAs, opting in an out of notifications is even easier.

Progressive Web

Optimal User Experience

Our UI/UX design specialists help to make our PWAs highly responsive and optimized for extended user engagement. All our PWAs include smooth transitions, dynamic menu interfaces, wholly functional full-screen modes, data-rich functions, advanced search functions, speedy first-time loading for external sites, and robust HTTPS programming for data transfers.

Progressive Web

Indexability And Social

To optimize the PWA for SEO and social engagement, we make sure it is properly indexed and regularly crawled by Google, incorporates markup, and includes Facebook and Twitter Card metadata, canonical URLs and an API to update browser histories. This, matched with PWA's cache-first networking browser agnosticism, truly makes them a versatile application!

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