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We design and build incredible apps.

Fire up and show off your culinary talent — food menus, online ordering, event collabs, and more.


Let your community see and taste your creations in a custom-branded app, with options made just for your food truck — order online and build a brand in-app.


Stop spending time and losing revenue to unreliability.

Let your regulars and newcomers look through your menu descriptions and images, customize their orders and pick up — all on a 30 minute lunch break.

Our app firm has food truck workers in management.

We have worked with food truck owners across the country — as a matter of fact, a couple team members at Bluestone Apps, including management, have worked for food trucks themselves.

We build apps just for food truck owners. We understand the obstacles you, your staff, and your customers run into.

We get that a successful food truck has time and money on the line, and we deeply understand how technology can strongly boost your efforts to increase revenue, cut time, cut costs, and continue growth.

Common food truck issue #1:

“I lose revenue opportunities due to unreliable business hours — my customers don’t know when I’m open or closed, or where my food truck might be parked."


Customers will have fun saving and sharing their favorite menu items — becoming ambassadors of your food truck.

Customers can save their favorite orders for faster ordering and share their favorites with family and friends — promoting your growing business.

Promote “Today’s Special” menu items — featuring products for ready purchase.

Draw in customers with daily specials and save money by combating unstable consumer trends and sales — before inventory expires.

Advertise your availability and location in-app — increasing revenue and saving time.

A simple, easy-to-use mobile platform provides customers with your schedule — allowing them to pinpoint your food truck and place orders before they arrive.

Common food truck issue #2:

“I thought I’d be making more money by attending different events, but it seems as though I go unnoticed and lose out.”


Increase revenue by making your truck visible to the public — event names, times, dates, locations, directions, etc.

Customers have year-round access to information on the events your food truck will be attending — times, dates, etc. to current and future events.

Pair up with local hangouts and breweries — a golden opportunity for growth and revenue.

Place your food truck on the map near popular hangouts. Start drawing in customers, live and where the action is now — who are looking for a convenient, quick bite to eat.

Establish and strengthen your brand and identity by familiarizing customers with your logo.

Put a face to your food truck’s name and build long-lasting friendships — all while increasing revenue.

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