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Fox Sar App Case Study


Fox Sar is a nonprofit first responder organization headquartered in Atlanta, GA. With help from the Fox Sar App, Fox Sar deploys at the request of law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency management agencies. Fox Sar also provides specialized services such as ground search and rescue, in addition to many other services.

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Fox Sar Relief Includes - But Not Limited To

Fox Sar is fully self-sufficient; including incident management team (IMT) capabilities, logistics, and communications. Agencies requesting services on the Fox Sar App do so for free. In addition, Fox Sar is staffed by volunteers who are trained professionals in their fields.

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    Flood & Swift Water Rescue

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    Disaster Relief

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    Aerial Search

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    Dive Team Operations

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    K9 Search, Rescue & Recovery

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    Wildland Fires

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    UAV Support

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How Does The Fox Sar App Work?

The way the Fox Sar App works is first a request is made by an emergency management agency. Secondly, Fox Sar receives and accepts the request. Thirdly, the nature of the request including necessary vehicle types and equipment is decided upon. Finally, Fox Sar responds to the initial request and is able to track and notate their cases’ progress. This includes viewing and posting updates.

Why Fox Sar?

The Fox Sar App is provided with a web-based administration area to manage their requests and deployments. This includes maps, tracking capabilities, vehicle options, and other resources. Law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency management agencies can work together through the Fox Sar App. When extra resources or manpower need to be pulled for relief efforts, the Fox Sar App opens the door to trained and willing volunteers.

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Download The Fox Sar App

To sum it all up, the Fox Sar App is free to download and use. Agencies using the Fox Sar App are able to quickly and easily request extra assistance for relief efforts. Fox Sar App provides GPS tracking for search and rescue efforts and keeps all parties involved, on the same page. From missing person reports to disaster relief, the Fox Sar App and its team of trained volunteers are there when you need them. The Fox Sar App is available for iOS and Android on Google Play and the App Store.

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