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How to Market an App in 2019

How to Market an App in 2019

Let’s talk about marketing an app to ensure it’s found by your customers. First of all, marketing a mobile app isn’t much different than any other product. There are just little subtleties that make it unique.

As with any product, marketing an app must be divided into three phases:

  • Pre-Launch – Time period from the initial idea of an app until the actual launch.
  • The Launch – Time period from launch until the first few weeks.
  • Post-Launch – Begins after the initial novelty of the launch has worn off & continues through the life cycle of the app.

I would like to show you the crucial side of the app development process; you should know how to market your app. Don’t leave it for the end, when your app development process is in its last phases. Trust me; this will relieve you of headaches later.

How to Market an App: Pre-Launch Phase Checklist

Here’s some direction for getting the most from your app during the pre-launch phase.

  1. Set a Release Date
  2. Do Market Research – Know your Visitors
  3. Perform Competitive Analysis
  4. Define Your Brand Messaging
  5. Be Ready for PR Exercise
  6. Use a Website, Microsite or Landing Page
  7. Prepare for E-mail Marketing
  8. Define App Monetization Strategy
  9. Create a Content Marketing Strategy
  10.  Establish Social Media Accounts

How to Market an App: The Launch Phase Checklist

You have your launch date set. You’re prepared for the big day and successfully launched your app… Now what? This is your launch phase checklist.

  1. Begin App Store Optimization (ASO)
  2. Choose Appropriate Mobile App Categories
  3. Begin Promoting on Social Media Channels
  4. Define Paid Marketing Strategy
  5. Make Your App Visible Everywhere
  6. Do Guest Posting on Established Websites
  7. Be Reviewed by Influencers
  8. Perform Community Building or Forum Discussion
  9. Focus on Customer Service
  10.  Make Sharing Your App Easy

Post-Launch Phase Checklist

Once the app has launched it’s easy to slow down on app marketing. But, as with any product or service that a business is trying to sell, you need to stay current for ongoing profits.

This is your checklist for the post-launch phase.

  1. Track User Acquisition
  2. Ask for Feedback, Reviews & Comments
  3. Map the User Journey to Re-Engage
  4. Use QR Codes for Offline Marketing
  5. Attend Meet-Ups
  6. Get Speaking Engagements
  7. Engage on Social Media Channels
  8. Consider Apple Search Ads
  9. Mobile App A/B Testing
  10.  Perform Continuous Updates & Maintenance

Successful Mobile App Marketing

We have seen the entire checklist of how to market an app during all three phases of development. It’s up to you to either implement all or only some of them at a time. Why don’t you start small and see what works best for you? Remember: data collection, analysis, and fine-tuning your strategy are essential for the successful promotion of your app. 

Call us for help in developing and successfully marketing your mobile app. With over 23 years of experience, Bluestone Apps has your solution. You can reach our local Knoxville team at (615) 209-9680. Call today!

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