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Innovatus Imaging App Case Study

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The Innovatus Imaging App allows users to conveniently coordinate the repair of their Ultrasound Transducers and MRI Coils while on the go. Innovatus Imaging App makes it super simple to arrange a repair and is unbelievably convenient.

Services Utilized:

Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics,


iOS & Android

Purpose of the Innovatus Imaging App

Users of the Innovatus Imaging App can perform an assessment of their product with an easy-to-use mobile tool. App users can choose from Standard, TEE or Mechanical 3D/4D transducers. In addition to evaluating their MRI coil based on its design: Solid, Flexible or Base. Furthermore, App users can see examples of common points of failure, share photos and even request a loaner.

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Create An Innovatus Imaging Profile!

Are you perhaps, just looking for some general information? Reach out to the Innovatus team using the “Contact Us” feature on the Innovatus Imaging App. Tell them about yourself! Creating a profile allows for the
auto-population of any data entry field through the App.

Innovatus Imaging App Features:

• Compatible with Both Phones and Tablets
• Biometric Login Enabled for Quick Access

People need answers fast, so use the Innovatus Imaging App to chat live with the Innovatus team to get answers on the spot. Innovatus Imaging wants to be your service partner, so let them help with end-user training. Moreover, learn about their educational and cost-prevention programs and arrange for the Innovatus team to help yours.

Innovatus Imaging App - Providing Better Patient Care

Innovatus Imaging is the premier provider for the repair of ultrasound transducers, MRI Coils and (CR) computerized radiology systems. The Innovatus Imaging App is uniquely crafted and qualified to deliver trusted and verifiable repair solutions to health care professionals.

Whether it’s during the day, after hours or over the weekend, the Innovatus Imaging App allows users to look past current boundaries in order to help health care professions provide better patient care.

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Download the Innovatus Imaging App Today!

The assessment of your device through the Innovatus Imaging App does not evaluate the performance or safety of the device and is intended to begin the process for the device to be serviced or repaired.

The Innovatus Imaging App is available for iOS and Android on Google Play and the App Store.

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