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Iron Trucker Fitness App Case Study

Iron Trucker Fitness

Iron Trucker exercises are available through

the app and can be done anywhere!


The Iron Trucker App was designed for truckers to stay in shape while on the road. With truckers having limited time and space on the road, truckers needed something to keep them in shape. For this reason, an intense list of Iron Trucker exercises are available through the app and they can be done anywhere, at any time.

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Become a Trucker of Pure Steel!

The reality of the matter is that truckers’ jobs are time-sensitive. With truckers constantly on the go, working long hours, there just isn’t any time to hit the gym and stay in shape. Now, truckers can easily utilize the Iron Trucker App to keep up with their health and fitness. Becoming a trucker of pure steel!

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What’s Included in the Iron Trucker App?

A database of exercises truckers can perform is included in the App. All of which are performed using their tractor-trailer. The exercise log and food journal are fan favorites on the Iron Trucker App. As the food log takes into account the truckers’ age, height, and weight, it lets them set a daily calorie goal. The App then measures the drivers’ burned calories while tracking their overall weight loss progress.

  • Through the Iron Trucker App, truckers are informed of what area on the body they’re working.
  • Truckers are instructed on how to perform the exercises & provided visual guides.

Take Care of the Most Important Resource in Trucking: The Driver

Companies require daily inspections on their equipment, yet tend to overlook the truck driver. However, the trucker is the most valuable resource here. So take back control of your fitness and health with the Iron Trucker App.

The Iron Trucker App is available for iOS and Android on Google Play and the App Store.

The Iron Trucker App was Created for Truckers, by Truckers

For instance, the creator of the Iron Trucker App became an Iron Trucker simply by using the exercises in this App. So, if you’re a trucker who is seriously dedicated to becoming an Iron Trucker then this is the App for you. There is no more sacrificing your health and appearance due to being on the open road. Download the Iron Trucker fitness App and become an Iron Trucker today!

  • iron-trucker_03

    cat chair

  • iron-trucker_05

    compass scissors

  • iron-trucker_07

    dot crunches

  • iron-trucker_12

    plank knee

  • iron-trucker_13

    standing elbow knee

  • iron-trucker_14

    cat walk

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