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JetLife Vacations App Case Study


What is the Jetlife Vacations App?

JetLife Vacations of St. Petersburg, Florida is a provider of premium travel services for business and pleasure. Their exclusive travel services will take you around the world in style, offering many unique and amazing experiences along the way.

They truly believe that vacations should be affordable and fun and that is exactly what the JetLife Vacations App delivers. You will be provided with beautiful accommodations and friendly, knowledgeable guides so each of your vacations with JetLife will generate a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Utilized Services:

Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics, Marketing


iOS & Android

JetLife Vacation App Features:


Web-based admin area for
JetLife admins


Admins can send push notifications to travelers


Travelers can view itineraries, flights, transportation, cruises, etc.


Terminals, departure, and arrival time information - autmatic updates


Instant chat and


Calendars and




Photo storage


Document storage

Purpose of the JetLife Vacations App

The JetLife Vacations App was created so that travelers could better manage their travel plans. Travelers have access to a list of events, maps, photos and more with the JetLife Vacations App.Travelers love the convenience and simplicity of the JetLife Vacations App. It allows for travelers to interact directly with the travel agency, store important travel documents as well as forward those documents straight through the app. Likewise, JetLife Vacations can send push notifications to their travelers whether it be before, during or after their trip. By sending notifications and reminders to their travelers, the App is ensuring a simplified and more enjoyable travel process.


Simplify Your Travel Process

Of course, the JetLife Vacations App is free to use and free to download. If you’re a frequent traveler and are trying to simplify your travel process, this is the App for you. You’ll be able to view your itinerary and receive helpful tips and notifications along the way. As an App user, you’ll also receive notifications on special events that are happening at your destination! Any ports, terminals, departure and arrival times will automatically be monitored and updated for you, through the JetLife Vacations App. But overall, the major point here, is you are now going to save a lot of time and money on your travels - thanks to the JetLife Vacations App.

Download the JetLife Vacations App Today!

With a professional travel App on your side, planning your next vacation or business trip is fun and stress-free. Wherever you want to go, however, you want to get there, whatever you want to do - the JetLife Vacations App is just for you.

Download the exclusive JetLife Vacations app today to see exciting maps, information, and images on your trip!

The JetLife Vacations App is available for iOS and Android on Google Play and the App Store.

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