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JobbHopp App Case Study


JobbHopp is a mobile App that allows users (customers) the ability to request job services. These service requests are viewed by certified JobbHopp users (independent workers; aka "Hoppers") in the area.

“Hoppers” have been approved and categorized by skill set.

Services Utilized:

Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics, Marketing


iOS, Android


What is the JobbHopp App?

JobbHopp is a mobile App that allows users (customers) the ability to request job services. These service requests are viewed by certified JobbHopp users (independent workers; aka "Hoppers") in the area.

“Hoppers” have been approved and categorized by skillset

Hoppers also have the choice of completing services for prices the customers request or bid for an alternate price. Customers then have the authority in choosing their "worker". This is done based on viewing Hoppers' profiles, which include:

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How the JobbHopp App Functions

Once customers decide on a JobbHopp worker and they’ve agreed on a price, they become locked in an agreement. Both parties are protected by a contract for the completion of the desired service, for the price agreed upon. All required information is exchanged, and a JobbHopp worker is sent (and tracked) to the destination requesting service.

As the service is carried out, customers are able to actively update their status. This is to ensure their satisfaction with the work being performed. When the "worker" feels the service is complete, they’ll use the App to alert JobbHopp that the service has been completed. Customers are then able to approve or disapprove of the service based on the worker's completion of the job.

If approved, customers are charged the agreed price + state sales tax % + a service fee for using JobbHopp. The JobbHopp worker is paid the agreed price, minus a service fee for using JobbHopp. Both parties will:

-Review & rate each other.
-Report the job difficulty.
-Required tools.
-Required materials.
-Time to complete the job.

This information serves as a data storage collection for the JobbHopp App. A feature such as this also serves as a reference for future JobbHopp App users.


The JobbHopp App Process

1 - Start-Up

Start by creating an account within the JobbHopp App. Next, provide an email address, password, personal information including full name, DOB, address, etc. Lastly, you’ll provide a credit card to be locked into your account (required.)

2 - Profile Customization

Select your profile picture, choose what personal information to display, show worker reviews, previous services post, and customer reviews.

3 - Job Postings

You have the ability to post jobs and services at desired prices. References are provided to demonstrate fair pricing and estimated times for particular jobs. When posting, complete job details and descriptions are required. The post is added to the feed based on GPS location and becomes visible to JobbHopp workers within a mile radius. Prices may be updated as desired.

5 - Status Updates

Through status updates, App users have the ability to constantly monitor workers. Any issues are reported to JobbHopp. This ensures services are being performed correctly and customers are pleased.

4 - Agreement

Once a price is accepted and the worker is chosen, the customer's credit card is charged. Customers are granted a refund if the worker never shows. However, a contract protects the price agreement and work details.

6 - Approval

When a JobbHopp worker reports their completion of service, the customer can approve or disapprove of the work. If approved, the customer is charged the price agreed upon + state sales tax (by state) + JobbHopp service fee. If the customer disapproves, they must file a detailed report to JobbHopp stating their reasons for disapproval. JobbHopp staff will review and make a final decision on whether the service was not fulfilled as agreed upon. Depending on the outcome, customers may be refunded or charged.

7 - Review

Customers are able to review and rate workers after service is completed. This helps future customers when making their own decisions on a worker.

TheJobbHopp App is available for iOS and Android on Google Play and the App Store.

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