Mobile App Development and Hybrid Apps Versus Native Apps

Mobile App Development is complicated, and if you follow the Bluestone Apps Blog, you will have learned about Native Apps, this week Bluestone Apps talks a little bit about Hybrid Apps and how they can affect your Mobile App Development.

A Hybrid mobile app works on multiple platforms, unlike the Native App, which requires identical operating systems. Hybrid Apps use standard code, such as a combination of JavaScript and HTML5 or C#. Plug-ins for the operating system are used for specific device interactions.

With Mobile App Development the app, developer does not have to develop multiple Native apps. When done well by a web development company such as Bluestone Apps, users won’t be able to tell whether your mobile app is Hybrid or Native. Actually, your users could care less whether your mobile app is Hybrid or Native or how the app was developed in the first place.

Of course, as with all applications, there are some Hybrid App development disadvantages. For example, if there is complex interaction involved with the device there will be a limit to what a plug-in can do on the front end. Costs could be higher as well when it comes Hybrid App development.

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