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Musicians Reclaiming Compensation

Musicians Reclaiming Compensation

Nowadays, it is mandatory for industries to adapt and adjust to keep up with modern technology and customer needs. With the sheer volume of music-streaming apps available, the music industry is not an exception. Music-streaming apps are changing the game for musicians in a big way. Due to the rise of music-streaming platforms, not only is it modifying the way we listen to and purchase music but also the way musicians are compensated for their work.

A Direct Approach for Musicians

The implementation of music-streaming apps grants musicians a new direct approach to their fans. This creates a deeper devotion from fans to that particular artist. So, how do you maintain control of your music and profits while still being able to stream and share with your fans?

It’s simple. If you want to get your music out there while still generating the revenue that you deserve, then maximize your impact with a music app! This allows you to skip the third-party streaming platforms and unjust payment policies. You will have the power to not only stream your music to your fans but directly sell your music to them too. 

With the creation of a music app, your fans can directly stream clips, songs, and podcasts. Also, they can stream new album releases, live recordings, and even your entire back catalog.

Musicians are Taking Control of Their Music

Generating a user-friendly music app for your musical venture is a fundamental step in driving your success and establishing a loyal fanbase. Unleash your music through your app and charge your supporting fans to stream and download it at a cost that you choose!

Bluestone Apps is ready to make it all happen. Give us a call today at 615-209-9680 to get your musical show on the road!

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