PicsNow Case Study


What is PicsNow?

The PicsNow app was created for the purpose of capturing images at parties, sporting events, graduations and more! Big Orange Professional Photography (BOPP) uses the PicsNow app to instantly share professional event photos straight to your phone.

While you have BOPP at your event, just yell “BOPP” to get the photographer’s attention. Once your Party Pic has been taken, it will appear in your PicsNow app. It only takes a few moments and they're ready to post on social media.

Utilized Services:

Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics, Marketing


iOS, Android

PicsNow & BOPP

BOPP is a prominent entity in Knoxville and has been on the UT campus since 1998. They specialize in Greek events, sports photography, corporate events and graduations. For many UT students in Knoxville, BOPP takes one of their first UT photos during the recruitment and they are there to take their last on graduation day!

The PicsNow app is a super convenient way to receive those special moments in an instant and begin sharing the excitement with family and friends. With professional-grade photos of your exciting adventures at your fingertips, you’re bound to love this app!

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What’s to Love? How About the Fact That...


-Your pics are automatically sent to your phone with an alert to you.
-Your pics are recognized and saved to your album.
-Your pics are sorted into albums by the event.
-You can immediately post your pics to social media.

So whether you’re at a graduation, a wedding or even an all-out UT gaming event, download the PicsNow app and preserve your perfect moments for a lifetime.

The PicsNow app is available for iOS and Android in the Apple and Google Play stores”