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Ronald McDonald House Parent App

Created Individually for Your RMHC House Location!


About the RMHC App

The RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities) app is designed to help families currently staying at the House find their way around the building and the neighborhood and learn about the programs available to support them. This mobile app sends updates and information about the services provided at the House.

Services Utilized:

Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics, Marketing


iOS & Android

App Screens/Features

  • RMHC-App-Case-Study_16

    About Our App

  • RMHC-App-Case-Study_23

    Neighborhood Guide

  • RMHC-App-Case-Study_28

    Calendar of Events

  • RMHC-App-Case-Study_32


  • RMHC-App-Case-Study_35

    360° Tour of the House

  • RMHC-App-Case-Study_19

    House Floor Plan

  • RMHC-App-Case-Study_24

    Program Descriptions

  • RMHC-App-Case-Study_27

    Meet Our Team

  • RMHC-App-Case-Study_31

    House FAQs

Neighborhood Guide

RMHC is a mobile app that will benefit families currently staying at Ronald McDonald House Charities. It is designed to help guests learn more about the programs and services provided at the House as well as find their way around the neighborhood - made possible through the Neighborhood Guide in the app.


Receive updates and notifications about the services provided at the Ronald McDonald House Charities. With the RMHC app, you can stay up-to-date on current events, programs, and services available in your neighborhood.

Calendar of Events / Program Descriptions

This app allows for guests of the Ronald McDonald House Charities to look at a Calendar of Events at the House. The dates, times and details of these events can be saved and set to your calendar within the app. Program Descriptions and details are also available for services being offered by RMHC.

Meet Our Team / House FAQs & 360° Tour of the House

Get to know the House staff on the Meet Our Team screen and read up on any House FAQs you’re curious about or interested in. You can view the House Floor Plan and even take part in a virtual 360° Tour of the House!


Setup a Demo Now

The RMHC app is an innovative supplement to the face-to-face, personal support, and information that families receive at the front desk from House staff and volunteers. Demo the RMHC app today.

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