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Temp Agency Case Study

What is the Temp Agency App?

The Temp Agency app is connecting agencies, their clients, and their temp workers like never before. The Temp Agency app was created for staffing agencies to assist in keeping track of their clients' and temp workers' needs. The app utilizes custom features to help agencies make the perfect match between clients and workers while simultaneously saving the agencies' money and time.

Services Utilized:

Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development, Analytics, Marketing


iOS & Android

Temp Agency App Features

  • In-App Interviews

  • In-depth profiles

  • Resume Building

  • Filtered and location-based job searches

App screen shows Find Jobs app features on an iPhone X.
  • In-App navigation

  • Progress reports and steward meetings

  • Detailed job descriptions

  • Notifications and Messaging

Temp Agency App Features: In-Depth

Find Matches by Location or Filtered Searches

Jobs and workers can be found by searching for a specific location, a specific distance radius, or by filtering things like experience, education, availability, and affordability. This feature ensures that everyone is happy. Clients get qualified workers and your workers get a job they enjoy.

In-Depth Profiles and Resume Building

User sign-up for workers includes detailed forms that are used to generate the user's profile and resume. This ensures that all of your workers are providing clients with the exact information they want to know.

Host In-App Interviews

Temp Agencies and their clients can conduct interviews from any location. Hold a video conference with your clients on the Temp Agency App using the highest quality secure video conferencing on the market. The ability to hold in-App interviews is cost-effective, time-saving, and gives clients deeper confidence in your agency.

In-App Navigation

Ensure that everyone gets where they need to go with built-in navigation capabilities. The Temp Agency app utilizes safe and effective routes to ensure that your workers show up to their interviews or their first day safe and on time.

The Temp Agency App is the Future of Staffing Agencies

Agencies using the Temp Agency App can create the perfect match between temp workers and prospective clients every time. The app not only increases the quality of assignments, but also boosts client confidence, revenue, efficiency, and growth opportunities for temp agencies.

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