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Theft Protect App Case Study

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a specially designed app to protect your tv for

unauthorized access

The theft protect app is?

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The Theft Protect App is a specially designed app used to control unauthorized access and possession of Sony TV. The whole idea is, with TV’s being as “smart” as they are, they should have the capability of being able to identify, authenticate and communicate with the intended user - not an imposter or thief.

Services they Utilized:

Control Unauthorized Access


iOS & Android

We provide 24 hours police

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If criminals know that what they are stealing won’t work and will
eventually lead the police to them within 24 hours, will they even bother to go through the trouble? We don’t think so and this is exactly what the Theft Protect App does for you - protect you and your home from theft. And all without any use of violence (ie: dogs, guns, etc.) or going broke by purchasing expensive security systems.

It’s Quite Simple, Really. All You Have To Do Is:

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Enter an email address to be notified when your TV loses sync with your phone.

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Install Theft Protect on your TV by visiting

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Download the Theft Protect App.

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After the Theft Protect App generates your code on your TV, enter it into the Theft Protect App to lock/unlock your phone.

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Sit back and enjoy the comforts of security!

Theft Protect App’s Future Goals

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Sony has a wonderful state-of-the-art Android operating system on their Bravia 4k TV models. This has allowed Theft Protect the tools and features needed to perform our regular functions. We are currently in the process of opening our channels and communications for more Sony products in the future.

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Theft Protect App Working

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The Theft Protect App is working hard to devalue and trace stolen property and it’s not stopping with Sony nor TVs - this is only the beginning. As new technologies constantly develop, expand and grow, the Theft Protect App will continue to move forward with protecting you, your home and personal treasures.

The Theft Protect App is available for
iOS and Android on Google Play and the App Store.

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