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Digital Marketing Solutions that Work

Building your brand isn’t as easy as it used to be. According to Bluestone apps, a digital marketing company that has been around for decades, advertising has changed over the years.

Digital Marketing is the Key

While conventional marketing, such as mail outs and newsletters are still worth the effort you won’t be getting the traffic that you used to.

These days it’s important to blend both conventional and digital marketing methods to reach the most people possible.

The experts from Bluestone Apps have taken the guesswork out of the process giving you the best results possible.

Video Marketing

One of the most effective ways to advertise your business is with video. If you follow this blog you will remember that video is one of the best ways to promote your company. It’s one of the best ways because people prefer video to text and even still photographs.

Videos tell a story and can make a huge impact. If you haven’t used video for your brand talk to the experts from Bluestone Apps. This team can write, produce and release your information with an excellent video advertising campaign that will beat out the competition.

Some of the videos to consider for your business include:

  • How to
  • Explainer
  • DIY
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Company Culture
  • Case Studies
  • Teasers
  • Reviews
  • Animation

The above is just a portion of the types of videos that you can create for your digital marketing campaign. Do your own research and check out what your competition is up to. This will give you a good idea as to what kinds of videos you can shoot for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Social media; like it or loathe it is one of the best places to advertise your products and services. However it’s vital that you don’t spread yourself too thin when it comes to this type of digital marketing.

The experts from Bluestone Apps will take a look at your brand to determine what platforms would be best for you and your company.

For example, if you are a business that targets its products and services to a senior audience Facebook would most likely be the best platform. On the other hand if you are targeting teens and tweens Snapchat is where you want to put your advertising dollars.

Some of the platforms to consider include:

  • Facebook
  • Meta
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • WeChat

Of course there are dozens more examples to choose from. The above is just a sampling when it comes to advertising your business on social media.

AI and Digital Marketing

You would have to have been asleep for a dozen years not to know about AI or artificial intelligence. AI marketing is taking the world by storm with all of the major digital outlets clamoring for their own version of AI. Some platforms to consider include OpenAI, ChatGPT, Gemini, IMB Watson and Amazon Lex.

Much like video marketing was a few years ago, AI marketing is still a bit like the old west. However, Bluestone Apps is up for the challenge and are the professionals when it comes to incorporating AI into your business model.

Text Message Marketing

Becoming more popular text message marketing is an incredible way to advertise your products and services.

While email marketing is still relevant it is not as powerful as text message marketing. It isn’t as powerful because people don’t open messages on their computer like they do on their phone. Strange as it may seem the open rate on text messages is much higher than email.

Text message marketing can do wonders for your business if you do it the right way. Consider adding a video to your digital marketing campaign and don’t forget to personalize your messages. People like to feel included and if you personalize your text messages you will have a much higher open rate.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial for any size business. Search engine optimization is used to boost your search engine ranking. People are on the net every day. Google processes 99,000 search requests per second. That amounts to 8.5 billion searches every single day.

Think of it this way, the higher you rank on the search engines the more business you will have coming through your door. With that being said SEO is something that is best left to the professionals.

Talk to Bluestone Apps who can optimize your website and mobile app giving you a higher rank on Google and the other search engines.

Influencer and UGC Digital Marketing

Influencer and UGC, or user generated content, are two of the newest and most popular ways to advertise your business. This type of marketing means partnering with a person that has the influence you need on social media. UGC, or user generated content is another effective way to get your brand out there.

If you are unsure where to begin talk to this digital marketing company as the team can help you get started with influencer and UGC marketing.

Bluestone Apps Does it All

Bluestone Apps has the solutions you need to break down the marketing barriers. Call or send a direct message and find out more today.


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