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Content is King even with Mobile Apps

Bluestone Apps understands how important developers are to a mobile app project. However, the team also knows how vital content is to the mobile app as well. Firstly, it is the heart and soul, secondly it’s what attracts people to your mobile app.

Mobile apps that go viral have all of the elements in place. One of those elements is great content.


Great Content Adds Value

If you have nothing of value to offer, people will develop negative feelings about the entire brand.


When you develop your mobile app around your audience and demographic, you are ensuring that the experience is offered to people who will get the most enjoyment, entertainment, and education from it. In other words, your demographic.


Content that Gets Noticed

According to Bluestone Apps, who has been in the mobile app arena since 2011, what you create is what grabs users.

When it comes to mobile apps less is definitely more. The team from Bluestone Apps creates content strategies so that users don’t have to scroll through endless amounts of text on their mobile devices.


Content for Your Mobile App

The mobile experience must use different aspects to give the user a great experience. Everything from button placement, font type, and size and color combinations along with your call to action and any other mobile elements to give ease of use is essential. The last thing people want to do is jump through hoops to use a mobile app.


Tips for Mobile App Content

  • Keep your Text Simple
  • Make Sure your Interface is Clear
  • Reduce Unnecessary Information
  • Establish Limitations
  • Create a Plan
  • Try Different Types of Content
  • Test your Strategies
  • Don’t Add User Content Unless Necessary
  • Know and Understand Your Users
  • Target Your Demographic
  • Develop Smart Content
  • Encourage Feedback within Your Mobile App
  • Be Engaging
  • Share Testimonials and Stories


Reflect Brand Content

Remember, your mobile app is another part of your company. Moreover, it’s a new face of sorts for your small or large business.

Bluestone explains that people are relying on mobile apps for everything these days including making purchases. Subsequently, mobile apps are well ahead of the technology game when it comes to products and services.

Your brand needs to provide information that is in-sync with your website and your mobile app. In addition, your app needs to be synonymous with the rest of your company and your brand.


Mobile App Content  and Success Plan

A well-defined plan for your mobile app leads to success. Clearly, targeting to the platform is essential for brand promotion. Don’t forget that Facebook and Instagram will differ from your mobile app content.

It’s important to note that people are overwhelmed especially when it comes to content. The last thing they want is a mobile app that bombards them with information.

If you have an idea for a mobile app, or just want to build a better one, call and talk to a team member from Bluestone Apps.

Mobile apps are changing the world. Make yours a winner with Bluestone Mobile Apps.


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