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Have You Thought about Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps have made a huge impression on the world with applications able to do just about anything from helping with your grocery list to booking a dental appointment.

There is no end to what you can do with an application from Bluestone Mobile Apps. However, without due diligence your new business tool may not help your company at all.

Planning and More Planning

If you follow the Bluestone Mobile Apps Blog, you will remember that planning is essential for a successful application. Without planning you are going in blindly. Everything needs to be planned right from the beginning.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong with Mobile Applications?

  • No Binary Protections
  • Server Side Controls are Weak
  • Data Storage Isn’t Secure
  • Broken Cryptography
  • Client Side Injection
  • Poor Authentication and Authorization

While those are definitely technical issues there are plenty of other things that can go wrong with mobile applications.

Mobile Apps User Issues

For example, if users are asking, “why can’t I search or scroll on your app?” or, “why are all of these things happening when I didn’t ask them to,” you haven’t done your testing properly. The application testing stage is crucial when it comes to applications.

In addition, mobile apps can sometimes make it impossible to read content because the font is too small or not the right color. Bluestone Apps will recommend the right combination of color, font, text and graphics that are sized to fit your application.

Keep Mobile Apps Simple

Clutter isn’t good anywhere, but a cluttered mobile app won’t do. On top of that, you will lose users. Simple is always best when it comes to applications. Having too many options clutters the app.

Because people are always on the go and don’t usually have a lot of time for an app you must make yours quick and easy to use. People have no attention span these days and want things yesterday. If your app is slow to load or function you will lose users.

Mobile Applications from Bluestone Apps

When you work with the team from Bluestone you won’t have to worry about slow loading or non-functioning applications. You won’t have to be bothered about clutter and testing either.

Because Bluestone has been in business since 2011, you can be assured you are in good hands. In addition, the team has been building websites since 1995. You can’t possibly go wrong when you work with such an experienced team.

If you would like to learn more about applications, call, send a text or a direct message and have a chat with a team member from Bluestone today.

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