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Please Just Say No to DIY Mobile Apps

If you are tired of the same old mobile apps templates you are not alone. Sadly more and more people are becoming frustrated with DIY applications as they all look the same.

Bluestone Apps believes in building custom apps to suit your style and most importantly your brand.

If your mobile app icon isn’t on your users home screen you need to redesign and rethink your app, better still you need to work with a professional mobile app company.

Why DIY is a Bad Idea

Even back in 2019 DIY mobile apps failed. They failed because they didn’t support all mobile devices.

Wearables are a good example as users weren’t able to use their favorite application on their watch or mobile friendly headphones.

Your mobile app might run just fine on an Android, but not an Apple device. If that is your issue, it’s time to call the team from Bluestone Apps.

In today’s world it’s important to support all mobile devices as people use different ones. Some may be on tablets while others might be on a phone. Others may be using a laptop that accesses mobile applications. Whatever the case it’s important to be modern and connectible wherever the user is.

Customized Mobile Apps with Bluestone

Because Bluestone has been in the web game since 1996 and the app game since 2011 you can feel comfortable knowing you and your app are in good hands. This is especially important if your DIY or custom built application has been around for a few years.

The team from Bluestone Apps has the experience and expertise to redesign your tired DIY or custom built application with results that are guaranteed to please. One can only imagine what current users will think when you unveil your new and improved mobile app.

Mobile Apps that Function

There is nothing more annoying than a non-functioning mobile app. You probably know yourself how annoyed you get when your closet isn’t loading on Bitmoji.

Bluestone would never let that happen because everything is tested and retested before it goes live. You will never have to worry about disappointing your audience with your redesigned mobile app.

Speed is the Word

Speed is important these days. If your mobile application takes forever to load you won’t get those users back.

Bluestone Apps understands what it takes to build an app that is quick to load and easy to use. Simplicity and speed go hand in hand, especially when it comes to mobile applications.

Mobile Apps from Bluestone

If you have a tired DIY app or an app that just isn’t functioning like it should talk to a team member about a facelift. It really will make a difference.

Get a quote from Bluestone Apps today.

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